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0-5 Head Start


What We Are

An early childhood program for children ages birth to 5 and expectant mothers.  All services provided at NO COST to families!

We offer center-based classroom settings for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers (ages 3-5) in Jamestown and Valley City.   Prenatal services occur 1-1 and include education on the health & development of mom and baby.

We accept applications year round to fill enrollment vacancies.

How We Do It


0-3 (infant/toddler classrooms) available for full day/full year services
3-5 (preschool classrooms) ½ day and full day classes available during the school year
Prenatal services available for pregnant moms wanting to enroll their baby in the 0-3 center after birth

Valley City 

3-5 (preschool classrooms) full day classes available during the school year
0-3 (infant/toddler classroom) available for full day/full year services
Prenatal services available for pregnant moms wanting to enroll their baby in the 0-3 center after birth


What We Do

Child Development & Education Services

  • Classrooms with developmentally appropriate learning and play based activities
  • Low child-staff ratios and group sizes
  • Implement a research based curriculum
  • Teachers/caregivers make individualized weekly lesson plans, complete child assessments and screenings, and complete parent teacher conferences throughout the year
  • Our program has developed school readiness goals and tracks progress toward them
  • Promote physical activity and outdoor play daily

Health & Nutrition – Ensures children are “ready to learn” by promoting:

  • Well child/well baby health & dental exams
  • Vision, hearing, social-emotional & developmental screenings
  • Families to secure primary doctor, health insurance and preventative care
  • Nutrition education & guidance to families
  • Healthy breakfast, lunch & snacks are provided in our centers
  • Children make and try new foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables


  • 10 percent of our enrollment slots are made available to children with disabilities who learn and grown side by side with other children
  • ​​​​​​​We have partnerships with Early Intervention providers, Special Education providers, and private speech, OT, and PT therapists who provide needed therapies on site or in their facilities

Family Engagement

  • Parent engagement activities
  • Family support to meet their needs and achieve goals
  • Education on community resources and services available
  • Access to web based parenting videos through Ready Rosie Parent Curriculum
  • Family fun activities to support school readiness skills

Policy Council

The policy council is a governing body that shares responsibility for overseeing the delivery of high quality services to children and families in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards.  

  • At least 51% of the Policy Council must be made up of parents of currently enrolled children
  • Work with Head Start director to carry out program planning
  • Opportunity for parents to learn leadership skills
  • Discuss/approve grant funding applications
  • Approve program policies
  • Approve staff before hiring
  • Review monthly budget reports
  • Review monthly program data
  • Elections held each fall